Sandy Williams

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Warm Welcome!

Sincere thanks for checking out my services. If the way that I work appeals to you, I would be happy to chat in a free telephone consultation to ensure that we are a good fit.

My training as a social worker and long time meditator has taught me the benefits of cultivating happiness, appreciation and compassion in my daily life. I refer to myself as a semi Newf. Although not born in the province, I lived in Newfoundland for many years. My parents, who still reside there, role modelled the power of humour to negotiate life’s difficulties and I bring that humour into my work.

Along with humour, I value the wisdom of the body to support personal growth, greater awareness and happiness. Subsequently, I completed professional training in mindfulness based stress reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn, essentials trainings with the Hendricks’ Institute, yoga teacher training with Glen Mifsud, and certification in Somatic Experiencing from the Foundation of Human Enrichment. (Peter Levine’s work).

I enjoy the company of a very dear group of friends, work colleagues and family. I love dancing, reading, yoga, my gym membership at Movati (as all my friends will attest to), travel and adventure.

Even during the tough times, I value the wisdom of cultivating compassion, mindfulness and appreciation in my daily life and welcome the opportunity to support you to cultivate the same. I look forward working with you.

Kindest Regards,

Please call Sandy at (613) 371-0795 or email for more information.