Rena Lafleur

renaRena LaFleur enjoys working with people from a holistic and collaborative perspective that enhances their capacity to feel and be more compassionately and joyfully connected with themselves and others. She offers mindfulness based programs, psychotherapy, clinical supervision and counseling in private practice and in her work at a local community mental health agency. She also incorporates mindfulness into her work with graduate students from local universities.

In addition to her graduate and post-graduate training as a social worker, family therapist and clinical supervisor, Rena has completed a professional training program in mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn, her yoga teacher training with Yogi Vishvektu and is a certified yoga therapist in the Viniyoga tradition . Rena is committed to lifelong learning and has extensive training in the areas of trauma, relationships, mental health and mind-body work. She continues to pursue ongoing personal and professional development in varied approaches, including body-centred psychotherapeutic and mindfulness practices. Supplementary health insurance may apply as Rena is a registered social worker and family therapist supervised by David Paré, Ph.D., a registered Counselling Psychologist.

Please call Rena at (613) 853-1508 for information about services offered privately or email